Wednesday, February 29, 2012

~2000year 3D tank game where you can stack tank turrets on top of each other


Do you know that feeling, when you really need to find something you have seen a long time ago? And no, I'm talking not about socks.

I remember myself playing this a bit childish, but in some ways awesome game, where you control a tank, and can pick up and stack turrets (and maybe something else) from enemy tanks you kill. Maybe they also had different platforms (and if it's one with wheels then technically it's not a tank, but hey). It was around 2000 (or maybe even earlier) and the game had 3D graphics.

In summary:

  • PC game
  • 3D graphics (although with very low polygon count).
  • Top-down view, almost everything on one screen (so, not huge maps).
  • A bit childish: colorful, the sounds are funny as well, especially engines.
  • Stacked turrets on top of each other on top of tank-like things, you control one of them, and can pick up more turrets from killed enemies.
  • World with water and other obstacles.
  • If you have a lot of stacked turrets on your tank, it slows down.

Please help me find this game, so I know that i'm not crazy (at least, not in a can't-remember-a-name-of-an-awesome-game-of-my-youth way).

Asked by kolobos


The game you are thinking of is Tanktics. I agree, it was an awesome game of my youth! My personal favorite part was the sheep-powered tank part factory.

Answered by Paul Z

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